Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Who Has The Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in San Antonio, TX?

Car insurance in San Antonio can be expensive for the city's 1.5 million residents, but it can also be affordable if you know where to look.

We analyzed quotes from several auto insurance companies in San Antonio to help identify the best cheap car insurance in the Alamo City.

Read below to see which insurers had the best auto insurance quotes, or enter your information above to see a list of insurers in your neighborhood.

Cheapest car insurance in San Antonio
Cost of car insurance by neighborhood
Best auto insurance in San Antonio
Minimum auto insurance requirements in Texas
Cheapest auto insurance in San Antonio

After getting quotes from 11 different companies in San Antonio, we found Texas Farm Bureau offered the most affordable auto insurance rates with an average of $1,146 per year. Next was GEICO and Progressive.

Overall the average car insurance quote in the Alamo city was $2,235 per year, making the Texas Farm Bureau rates nearly half as expensive.

It is still important for you to go to these companies and get rates for yourself. For these quotes we used the profile of a 30 year old single male driver of a Toyota Camry living in San Antonio. Our driver had a clean driving record as well, so your own rates may fluctuate depending on your circumstances.

To find the most affordable insurers in San Antonio, input your zip code and information above to start a quote.
Where in San Antonio is the most affordable car insurance?

We found rates may vary depending on where in San Antonio you reside. We found neighborhoods closer to the city center had a higher average yearly rate than those on the outskirts of the city like Stone Oak.

As always, even if you live in downtown San Antonio, you can find low cost auto insurance if you compare quotes from several companies. Although the average was over $3,000 per year for that part of the city, we found companies like Texas Farm Bureau that were offering rates over half as expensive.
Best car insurance in San Antonio

The best auto insurance is not always the cheapest. We find that certain companies, despite not being the cheapest, may be better for certain types of drivers. Whether you are or were in the military, have an accident on your driving record, etc. certain companies will simply be better for you.

San Antonians are lucky in that the cheapest overall company also happens to be the best around for customer satisfaction — at least according to J.D. Power. The organization's 2016 study of Texas auto insurance companies lists the Texas Farm Bureau as the best company when it comes to the flexibility of policies offered, as well as how they handle claims. Texans really enjoy the service they get with the company.

The only possible downside to the Farm Bureau is that you first need to become a member, as well as pay an annual fee of usually around $40.

GEICO is the next best cheapest and convenient option in San Antonio. Anyone can quickly get a quote online through GEICO without ever needing to interact with an agent.

San Antonio is home to three military bases, Camp Bullis, Lackland Airforce Base, and JBSA-Randolph, so there are many military members that can benefit from USAA. The military insurance company may be the best auto insurance for those currently serving — especially if they may be deployed in the future.

As we discuss more here, USAA offers great discounts for those in the military, and even better ones for those going overseas. Not retaining auto insurance for your car while on active duty can be costly when you get back, so USAA may be your best option.
Fatal accidents in San Antonio

The city of San Antonio experienced over 600 fatal accidents between 2011 and 2015 with the highest amount occurring toward the center of the city — in the downtown area. The data is consistent with that part of the city being the most expensive for car insurance.
Most dangerous roads in San Antonio

The following table lists the roads within the city that have had the most fatal accidents since 2011. The most dangerous was I-410 where 68 fatal accidents have occurred.

A large portion of the accidents that occur on these roads are due to a drunk driver or have a drunk driver involved. Although US-90 had the 5th most fatal accidents, over half of them involved drinking and driving.
Car insurance agents in San Antonio

While the cheapest insurance companies in our survey will allow you to get quotes online, there are certain companies that require you to finish buying auto insurance through an agent. Going through an agent has many benefits despite appearing to be less convenient.

An agent can help ensure you have the recommended amount of coverage and save you a lot of money in the long run.


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