Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Conflict of reservation in LRD recruitment, state government canceled circular dated August 1, 2018

Ahmedabad: Due to controversy over LRD recruitment, the state government has canceled the circular 1-8-18.  Now, a new circular will be amended. For the last two months, there has been controversy over filling vacant seats in the general jobs reserved for women in the general category.  There is a statewide protest against the GAD circular dated August 1, 2018 to fill these seats with male candidates in the general category.  The controversy over the LRD recruitment process has led to controversy.  This Circular belongs to Maldhari, Tribal, Women, OBC, SC and ST society
 Opposition is being opposed by the candidates.  Also, OBC, SC and ST candidates are demanding that vacancies for women should be filled not with male candidates in the general category but with reserved category women.
Circular issue no.  Protest against the provisions of s 12 and 13

Issue No of this circular made by GAD on 1st August 2018  The provisions of Sections 12 and 13 are currently under dispute.  According to this circular, if a woman is reserved on the basis of merit, it is mentioned in the reservation quota only.  Against this movement of women.


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